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Version 2.4

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FigSys Features

User Interface
  • Copy objects for transfer to other figures
  • Create complete documents with texts, data, graphs, symbols, arrows, boxes etc. No spread-sheet or wordprocessor required
  • Automatic data-plot creation using built-in Wizards for lines, bargraphs, stacked bargraphs, floating bargraphs, scatter plots, drop-plots, areagrams, 3D plots etc
  • Create your own templates for figure styles you use often
  • All objects in a single layer; just click and edit anything anytime
  • Numerous sample figures supplied
  • HTML support if Internet Explorer installed
  • Modern GUI with logical document structure displayed in tree view
  • Move or resize figures or parts of figures at any time. Edit on-screen or use wizards
  • Multiple pages can be included in one workspace file
  • Multiple graphs and other objects can be include on any page
  • Notes can be added to any object
  • Optionally visible grid with snap-to facility
  • Order the depth of superimposed objects e.g. 'send behind' or 'bring to front'
  • Render any element invisible without losing its other functions
  • Resize completed figures
  • User-specifiable toolbars gives one-click access to your selection of key program functions
  • User-modifiable palettes of lines, colors and fonts
  • Write scripts to control all FigSys functions
  • Zoom facility

Data Entry

  • From keyboard and clipboard
  • Import ASCII (text) files
  • Import from Excel and ODBC databases
  • Direct data acquisition from instruments via RS232 port. Optionally write scripts to control instruments 
Data Processing
  • Area-under-curve computation
  • Data statistics automatically calculated: mean, range, SEM, SDn, SD(n-1), confidence limits, skewness, kurtosis and more
  • Drag and drop or copy and drop blocks of data on worksheet
  • Fast Fourier Transforms and Inverse FFT
  • Missing data and replicate handling Number of datasets limited only by hardware
  • Numerous worksheet transformations given or create and store your own
  • Print data Statistical tests of comparison: t-tests, F-test, Mann-Whitney U test and more
  • Data Grid supports cell formulae

Two-dimensional Plots

  • Areagrams with variable fill patterns
  • Bar graphs, single, stacked or over-lapping; adjustable width, displacement and infill, optionally floating, optional pseudo-3d appearance
  • Data pair connectors
  • Equation plotter with non-linear curve fitting; genetic algorithm for initial parameter estimating; easy-to-use equation editor; numerous parameters per equation; simultaneous fitting of multiple variables; numerous functions built-in; numerous equations supplied including sigmoid models, enzyme kinetics, ligand binding, linear and bilinear regression etc., weighting system includes simple, robust, statistical and proportional; table of residuals; calculation of unknowns for assays; confidence bands; fix parameters within specified limits. Reports include advanced statistics of fit.
  • Freehand graph drawing; drag a line to smoothly fit your data
  • Histograms
  • Line graphs
  • Needlegrams
  • Plot functions with user-defined parameter values
  • Drop plots
  • Scatter plots with optional clean-scattering of superimposed points
  • Polynomial regression curve fits
  • Cubic spline and Bezier plots
  • Staircase (plateau) diagrams 

Three-dimensional Plots

  • Bar plots
  • Surface plots
  • Scatter plots
  • Waterfall plots
  • Optional contouring, shading etc


  • Automatic or user defined range
  • Axis-break facility; error bars can extend over axis breaks
  • Complete user-control over position
  • Flexible tick-mark facility
  • Frames with or without tickmarks
  • Grids of any line style Inset graphs
  • Multiple plots per page
  • Multiple X- and Y-axes per plot
  • Scales include linear, log-log, semilog, natural log
  • Transform allows use of time as axis scale

Graph Markers

  • Complete size control
  • Multiple marker-types supplied
  • Markers can be open or filled
  • Option of no markers or different ones on one line
  • Use font characters as markers
  • Each marker can have an associated label
  • Select individual data point markers on-screen and edit their features

Labels and Text

  • Automatic or user-controlled tick-mark labeling including replacement of numbers by texts on screen
  • Complete control of position, size, color, border, font etc for labels
  • Labels can include Greek and scientific characters selected from on-screen character map and can also include data markers
  • Labels have highly flexible arrangement of super- and sub-scripts including above, below, before and after or all of these simultaneously
  • Axis labels can be vertical (up or down) or horizontal. Other labels are fully rotatable
  • Separate Rich Text on-screen editor facility similar to Microsoft Wordpad gives multiple format options including mixed fonts, bold, italic, underlined, justified etc, allowing large or small bodies of general text to be added to the page

Other Features

  • User manual (.pdf) including beginners' tutorial
  • Arrows of many styles, including curved, in any position
  • Boxes in any size or position, filled or not
  • Complete color control over all objects
  • Error bars (SEM, SD(n-1), SDn, range, confidence limits) automatically calculated or imported; any style (up, down, symmetrical, transverse or individualized direction) with user-defined terminal cross line. Also line extensions of user-defined size can be added to graph markers
  • Import WMF, BMP, TIF image formats
  • Lines touching markers or not
  • Multiple fill-patterns for bar graphs, histograms and areagrams
  • Multiple line types (solid, dashed, curved etc.) and full control over line thickness
  • Optional frames around graphs etc.

Output Options

  • All Windows output devices can be used including printers, plotters, laserprinters, slidemakers, file-output etc. Color fully supported.
  • Copy figures to clipboard as Bitmaps or Enhanced Metafiles (BMP and EMF)
  • Save figures as BMP, EMF, TIF, JPG, TGA and EPS for export to other software, slide bureaus etc.

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