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BIOSOFT sells Windows based scientific software packages for a wide range of purposes.

These include programs for data analysis, graph plotting, statistics, densitometry, dose-effect analysis, assays, curve-fitting, enzyme kinetics, teaching and more.

BIOSOFT produces precision scientific tools specified according to what you tell us is needed. We've been doing it since 1983 - nobody else in this field has more experience.

AssayZap AssayZap - System for analyzing RIAs, ELISAs, IRMAs and other assays
CalcuSyn CalcuSyn - Dose-effect analyzer for single and multiple drugs
CardioLab CardioLab - In vivo cardiovascular pharmacology simulator
EnzFitter EnzFitter - Enzyme kinetics and curve fitting
FigSys FigSys - Publication quality graph plotting and data analysis
Ileum Ileum - Isolated guinea-pig ileum simulator
QuantiScan QuantiScan - Densitometry using ordinary office scanners.
Stat-200 Stat-200 - General statistics and graphics package
UnGraph UnGraph - Digitizer program which gives X,Y coordinates of lines or points on scanned images

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