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Version 3.0

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Some of the Features in AssayZap v3.0

1. Command line options now enable AssayZap to be launched from other programs.

2. More control of axis labels for the standard curves.

3. Option to print out results automatically.

4. Option to use 384 well plates for assays as well as 96 well plates.

5. Option to enter a command which starts up a platereader or other equipment automatically.

6. Facility to create your own translation routines.

The latest version of the translation utility can be downloaded from here.

The following configuration script setups can also be downloaded:

- Sigma Diagnostics EIA Multi-well Reader II
- Dynex MRX Revelation
- Hyperion MR 4+
- Biorad Benchmark Reader

It is recomended that you install the latest version of the translation utility before using these scripts. (Note: you will need to have a registered version of AssayZap v3.0 or greater to use this utility.)

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