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Program Registration
To combat software piracy, our software requires registration and activation before use. When you start a program for the first time a code will be displayed on the screen. Please send an email to detailing the program, your License / Order Reference Number and the code and we will send you your activation password.

Legitimate re-registering of programs is free. However, if you are re-registering a program with us please provide information as to why this is necessary. If you require use of our software on more than one computer please contact us for information about the favorable multicopy discounts available.

Technical Support
If you need to contact BIOSOFT concerning a technical problem send an email to Please provide specific details including:

- Details of your institution and/or your original license/order number.
- The program you require support with and version number (found in the About box on the Help menu).
- The exact nature of the problem.
- Details of your computer such as the version of the operating system and the user account settings.
- Any error messages.
- Whether or not you can reliably replicate the problem.
- For data analysis programs it may be helpful to enter your raw data into the program and save a program file to send to us as an email attachment together with your question.

Windows 7 Support
To install BIOSOFT programs under Windows 7 please follow these instructions:
- Install the program whilst logged on as an administrator.
- Run the program for the first time, whilst logged on as an administrator, by right clicking on its icon in the start menu and selecting 'Run as administrator'.
- Follow the screen instructions to register the program with BIOSOFT (you will need to register the program before you can use it).
- You may now run the program from any user account normally.

Please note: FigSys can only be run whilst logged on as an administrator.

Microsoft has removed built-in support for certain help files (.hlp) from Windows 7. To enable help in most BIOSOFT programs Microsoft has provided the following download:

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